Fava Bean Success! Overcoming Doubts and beating the odds...

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    Ever felt hesitant to take action on an ability you have locked away inside of your own head? Never be afraid
    to put yourself out there and paint a picture of who you want to be in the future inside of your own mind.

    Most of you don't know this but I fancy classical music. Especially when I am building a new authority site or
    really grinding away. So I stumbled across two of my favorites when it comes to the arts. Sir Anthony Hopkins
    and his composition called "The Waltz goes on!" Now back to my original point Sir Hopkins wrote this when he
    was a young man on scratch pieces of paper. He never released it or wanted it to be played for the fear of it
    not being any good. Well finally a couple of years ago he did release it. Now look at the amazing talent locked
    away from all we thought was just an actor.

    Moral of the story? Never put your talents or thoughts on a shelve because of your self perception. Recognize
    your passions and ability, organize your thoughts, and materialize them!

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