Fastest Way To Get The Most Backlinks ?


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Oct 17, 2008
I'm looking for a way to get as many backlinks to my site as possible.

Does anyone want to share what Link company they use, or "strategy" ?

I'm looking to get like 1000 links within a couple of days...
I love BMD (bookmarking DEMON). It's true they're not quality links. But short of doing it by hand, it's a pretty sweet tool for ******** social bookmarking links.
I concur, MBD is a great tool, so is prstorm. using them both you can get a great amount of backlinks.
I'm looking to get like 1000 links within a couple of days...

Do not go that fast, otherwise you blog or website will be suspicious to search engines and you'll lose your rankings...

Do Blackhat Like Whitehat
Here's my little thoughts on "fast link building"

I have the Fire*Fox plug in called "SEO" and it tells me how many Y! Links each website has.

Well, I was doing some research on a site that was around the term "Mortgage Loans" and there was like 3 Million Links..

I know the site wasn't really that old to get only the "minimum" links required a day...

For example:

If the site was atleast 10 years old, then that means in order to get 3 Million links, it would have had to get about 821 a day.

3 Million Links Divided by 3650 days (10 years) would equal 821 Links a day..

So... I came to the conclusion that getting Links "slowly" is B.S.

Now, I'm trying to get as many links as I can ;)
Yes but that site more than likely did not start out getting 821 links a day. It more than likely started getting a few at first then gradually building up to thousands of links a day.

This would look much more natural to google, as it grew in popularity the site would obviously gain more and more links.
That makes sense.

See, I have been spying on a few competition for the niches I advertise and in like 5 days, they'll have like 1500 links to a NEW Domain. And they'll stay at the top of Google for ever.

It's crazy, but that is what brought me to this question.

I signed up with this program called
and purchased the 10,000 package.

I'm hoping this will work quickly rather than slowly. I don't know, if anyone knows how to get links WITHOUT Spam tools like Xrummer, then please do post the info.

Bookmarking demon, prstorm then cyberlinkpro but what is the conclusion? Discussion is not going blackhat way.
It has to be "Black Hat" if you can gather quick links in a short amount of time..... right ?

I mean isn't "White Hat" all about "building links slowly"...
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