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Fast Indexing and how fast should u build high PR links to a brand new site

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by moonlighsunligh, Mar 26, 2013.

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    May 1, 2010
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    The task is to index a brand new website (3 days old domain) as fast as possible. It is a WordPress site with a total of 1000 posts.

    I have already used most of the techniques recommended here. I drip feed messages with my posts urls to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. I submitted the rss feed to 20 rss directories and submitted the site homepage on 800 Pr3+ statistic sites using rapid-indexer and made one WordPress.com blog. But after almost 2 days I only managed to index around 50 pages (out of 1000).

    Unless there is better suggestions I would like to post few unrelated PR4 and PR5 comments. I also have few PR2-PR3 unrelated edu dofolllow sites ready for comments. The pages I plan to post on have almost no outbound links.

    So what is the right pace for this kind of links, 1 comment every 3 days or even that is too fast?
    I cannot find related pages where I can post comments with such a high pr, I could probably find nothing better than pr1-pr2, if it is your recommendation to post to related pages only?
    Maybe i should make web 2.0's and points links from these comments to them? If i do this, how long will it take to transfer link juice to my site as well as indexing power.

    The previous version of the site was probably penalised because of 5 Pr4+ comments posted on the same day, when it was around 30 days old. I obviously want to use high pr comments, as this is probably the most powerful kind of links, but I do not want to get my site penalized again.