Fast Blog Finder Trick, may be known.

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    Hey, I grabbed Fast Blog Finder from here (trial) and noticed it's limited to only 50 returns. I searched the forums and couldn't find this tip, but it's easy to keep scrapping to get unlimited results, without the full version.

    Simply change the keyword in a way that the search engine would pull the same results, yet FBF thinks is different. I do this by simply using spaces.


    "Health Care"
    " Health Care"
    "Health Care "
    " Health Care "
    "Health Care"
    " Health Care "

    Since it auto removes duplicates it will simply return 50 results, when you run the next it will show 50 duplicates, then return the NEXT 50. Then it will show 100 duplicates, and return the Next 50.

    In other words the above attempts would return 300 results.

    Try it with the moneypot finds like.

    " keywordluv"
    and so on. You'll get hundreds of results JUST from variations on that. Then do Commentluv.

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned, I checked but didn't see it specifically.

    If it's worth anything, give some thanks.
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