Fashion niche - growing w/o destroying reputation

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    Hi guys,

    I'm having a 10+K Instagram account (fashion/travel) which I pushed around winter / spring through manual liking and later using bots.

    I liked the users of another fashion account, which was in january around 200+K and is now at 300+K. The fashion acc is still liking and following accounts, but it mostly likes really accounts containing weird content. I stopped using a bot liking its followers, because I was afraid, that my followers would see that I'm accidentally like stuff like porn or weird guys. Since I already have a blog and need to be authentic. Also my engagement on pictures posted an hour ago dropped to under 1%, which I didn't like.

    Meantime I just use Instagress every now and then and try to interact with my community or try to comment on big fashion bloggers accounts.

    Problem: I started loosing followers. It feels like I'm gaining some quality followers through my engagement with the community, but I'm loosing more followers, than I'm gaining.

    I want to start my journey again and push my account. And this is where I need your help. I don't know where to start. I've read so much, but I feel stuck and lost.

    I feel like I need a bot for the following options:
    - It should like the users commenting or liking the pictures of a specific user
    - follow / unfollow without changing the following number significant (e.g. unfollows 30 people, follows 30-35 people, my following changes around 5 followers per day)

    Shoutout pages like zara_daily or stilkolik aren't effective anymore (3-5 followers)
    I can't follow 200 new accounts / day, because that would be to obvious for my followers and colleagues if I follow 1000+ accounts per week.

    I'm also willing to invest some hours per day and pushing my account manually.

    Any ideas or suggestions? I'm also happy to read your suggested threads here at bhw.

    I'm also totally amazed by the journey of this account:
    and this one:
    Maybe you guys have suggestions on what they did? Is there a tool for tracking activity of a specific acc, such as every like, follow and unfollow?
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    Magic_fox is a fashion blogger. All the big menswear pages share his images.
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    I'm a fashion blogger as well. Maybe we can work together. DM me.

    I'm curious about this statement:

    Shoutout pages like zara_daily or stilkolik aren't effective anymore (3-5 followers)

    Did you buy shoutouts from these accounts and only gain 3 to 5 followers?