Fashion Blog in need of Organic Traffic and Monatizing

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    Hey Guys,

    I've started a fashion blog (Looks for Crooks), I post an "outfit" a day with items that are on sale...thus the "Looks for Crooks" usually just a top and bottom, but plan on including shoes, accessories, hats, etc. The idea is that someone could go to my blog, find a "cool" outfit, and then get the articles they would like by clicking on the link. I want to build up traffic enough so I can sell a "post AD". I would reach out to a brand, and would create a post with their brand, which they could track through click-throughs, and in return I would get paid for the AD.

    My questions are: How do I generate the traffic needed to sell the idea? Does anybody have a service in which I could purchase the traffic? Does the idea seem farfetched? Is there an easier way to monetize my blog?

    Blog is through: Wordpress

    Thank you for your time and help!