Fascinating Facebook Spam Mails

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by subster, Aug 23, 2012.

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    I just stumbled upon a new FB mail spam method.
    Not that I would use mail spam methods, but I must admit if the idea behind is creative it is fascinating for me.

    Today I got a message with my girlfriends personal nickname as sender information and as subject: For my [my forename]
    I really thougt it would be from my girl, opened it and found a spam message with a link to a get rich quick scheme in it.

    Thing is there is no ressource in the internet that shows that those names (hers and mine) are a couple, only on facebook our partnership status is visible. Also it was not her real forename used as sender, instead it was a shortened form of it, which we only use in private and she used to use on her facebook profile.

    All in all a real clever and nice spam method.
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    You just posted that to brag about having a girlfriend! I bet she makes you wear that bag! haha jk

    Yes that is clever. How do you think that was done?