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Fare away from black hat-expose eightteen popular black hat seo in our internet-chapter 1.

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by beton, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Jul 10, 2012
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    Black hat seo is cheating mean black hat seo is the study and use of the vulnerability of the search engine algorithm, their practices are not in line with the major search engines issued guidelines and regulations, banned by the search engine optimization website.Usually black hat SEO is the use of the larger search engines now have flaws or vulnerabilities get more user traffic. Simply put, the black hat seo optimization is the use of cheating or suspicious means to get a lot of traffic in a short period of time. At any time because of changes in search engine algorithms and face punishment.

    Whitecaps we should spend more time and effort, but can not guarantee will certainly be able to make a successful website. But relative to the more secure, Whitecaps Once successful, the website will be able to maintain ranking and traffic has become a high-quality assets.

    Black hat tactics is characterized by fast track approach, often effective, and low cost of implementation. Often many seoer too utilitarian, sword easy road in order to pursue a temporary ranking, hi take shortcuts, cheating methods, although many black hat seo tactics not to mention immoral, but the search engine is certainly hated black hat the move, because the black cap to reduce the relevance of search results and user experience, the rice bowl of the search engines is a must crack down on the range. Once punish the entire site often is forced to give up everything to start again. So do black hat punishment is normal, and can even be said that the long-term point of view, it is inevitable.

    Black Hat SEO cheating tactics: keyword stuffing

    The typical SEO cheating, one of the most common form of abuse in the Black Hat Seo, the lower a gimmick, a short period of time can be obtained very good ranking. This practice has been in the past when the search engine algorithm to judge this cheating has been quite mature Therefore, once the page appears on the the keyword stuffing phenomenon, generally the entire site will be search engine sealing.

    Keyword stuffing is very densely placed keywords in a web page. The common form of keyword stuffing, such as Title, Tag, keywords tag, label article content page highly repetitive keywords.

    1) stuffing keywords in the title description tags:
    As we all know, the title is an important part of SEO in a lot of people are piling up a large number of key places in the title, such as "SEO-seo training-SEO-SEO optimization-seo consultant-SEO the tutorial-SEO ranking, this the wording be piled slight, some people even a pile of dozens of similar keywords, this text into the title, piled up to form the word of SEO. The number of occurrences of the same keyword in the proposed title should not exceed a maximum of three times.

    2). Stuffing keywords in the page:
    We may know, keyword density has a direct impact on the keywords in the search engine rankings, the higher the keyword density, the greater the importance of the keywords in the page, so there is a term called SEO industry Keywords layout, but black hat seo officers, only in order to improve the density of the keywords in the web will Keywords huddle at a stretch.

    3). ALT tag stuffing keywords
    Keywords in the ALT tag stuffing (such as a label attached to the image)

    To Be Contitnute...
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    Hey the 2004 called, they want their seo back
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