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FAQ questions when Google Adwords Campaign

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by phhiep0902, Nov 22, 2016.

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    Jul 28, 2015
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    In Part 1 we already have satisfactory answers for customers running high optical Google Adword have questions and continue to part 2 is also good questions that we want to share the same customer to refer hy this time promising inquiries section will answer all customers.

    Keyword Advertising

    Question 7: Why the AdWords ads should have a good quality score?

    When you run an ad with a good quality score will bring many benefits such as: when many rivals, the party chose a keyword that may exist higher quality ads will appear in position advantage than.

    To rise up when the actual ad if the quality score is too low, your ad sometimes also does not appear to be, Google wants that consumers should always look for when looking for the right things that they need, whether ad .Diem especially when high ad quality score, the minimum cost of paying for clicks that keyword will be lower

    The formula that Google launched: Location = quality points * Price click.

    Eg With keyword X quality score is 6. The opponent has quality score is 3. If you pay 1 contract for 1 click, the opponents to pay two new contracts to be your position, because 3 × 2 = 6 × 1.

    Question 8: O
    ptimize website is doing?

    Optimization of elements on a Web site can help websites rank high on Google's search results. You will be our offer suggestions to help guide enhance friendly website for the search engines. Google evaluate a site based on technical parameters such as: + Domain, age of domain + Relevance of website content and keyword search. + Up socialization of websites + Number of visitors per day + Number page an average viewership of 1 hits + rate + touch page average time a visitor is how long the page + depth level of website content + index number link from the homepage.

    Question 9: I do not have my Website or sites with no ads are not good?

    When choosing Google advertising services, if your website does not have to be firm we offer Ad pages for landing page quality point of advertising, even if you already have inside our website will provide reporting, detailed statistics to measure advertising effectiveness. Features you not only get the simple statistics that will enclose the analysis and recommendations of the team of Marketing ads on Google caregivers can rely on it to modify the content and quality of the website for more suitable.

    Question 10: I want to see an ad directly get it?

    Google advertising companies manage information of all clients in a MCC account. Therefore can not provide the password for any particular customer. When joining an ad free CleverAds will install measurement tools analyze website link Analytics with AdWords, you can track ad results obtained daily how many clicks, how many times have appeared or statistics clients can access from advertising channels ...

    Question 11: When checking the ad, the ad several times when the left side when the right and sometimes disappear. Is there any way to fix it?

    When you search Google system will record such action if you regularly search advertising but not clicked on the ad, the ad will not appear again that's why Google reviews the ad to appear on the IP address or the computer does not bring value to the enterprise advertising cao.Ban can overcome by search ads on many different browsers such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome .. or delete cookies - store search advertising habits or offline browser offline.

    Question 12: I saw had 3 customers in top 3 position stand there now I want to get it?

    Google AdWords ads unlike banner ads or other traditional advertising can place ads in one exact location. AdWords advertisers locate quality and price according to claim 3 or more tender than 3 customers will concurrency together to appear in the first 3 positions. So the ads always appear in the exact location that is not done. The purpose of advertising is to attract customers to access the ad should not necessarily put an ad in the first 3 positions.

    Question 13: If after one month of advertising do not use up your advertising budget, it will process like?

    Before signing the contract we would advise advertising campaign as well as the advertising budget very close to target ads by clicking, or top package 1, 3, 10. Moreover, in the process of running ads we will closely monitor advertising campaigns to adjust accordingly. Hence the failure to use up the advertising budget is very rare. However, if you still do not use up your advertising budget, we will extend the ad until the new budget spent alone.