[FAQ] #Google Dance, #Google Panda, #Google Penguin Or #Google Malfunction?

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    Google is naming their Updates as "Google Dance", "Google Panda", "Google Penguin". Maybe the next one is "Google Bieber" [While Bieber dances, I somewhere find out Panda and Penguin].
    But, what i name this updates is "Google Malfunction".
    This is not the real face of Google what we are watching now. Few months back, I was confident that i am getting the best possible result while goggling but i don't think the way right now! This is all because of "Google Malfunction".
    By introducing new Algorithms, Google is inviting us to Optimize for Ranking and it is natural that some super-heads would manipulate that Algorithm. Everything was running good but this targeted Updates has Converted Google from a search engine to a Bitch!