Dec 18, 2008
ok is anyone else getting tons of fucking email spam from this website?

i keep getting people sending me 'prayers', friend requests, etc etc

i don't ever remember joining this piece of shit site either.

the domain is whitelisted tho so im sure it can be abused by spammers somehow
If you care so much then report it... your one report may help get the domain blacklisted. (There are various authorities you can use to accomplish this)
One of the best speakers I ever heard on procrastination is Llyod Irvin. He's a regular speaker now with the system seminar. I've been trying to locate his presentation from the 2007 System Seminar which I attended live, but he was awesome. To this day, I tell myself, remember Llyod Irvin. He is all about TODAY (pretend tomorrow doesn't exist). Sorry, I replied in the wrong place.
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