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Mar 30, 2014
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Hello. I'm willing to pay some1 who gives me/tell me how to do:
- When some1 like my post(will be photo) and shares it on hes timeline it will then redirect him to my website (it can be after clicking on some link or sth)
I just want when i post photo on fan page, and then when some1 like it and share then when he clicks on next step he will be redirected to website my choosing. Give me here your info or pm me or sth. I need it fast.
Hope i can do that for you but exactly will not be same of your demand. But I think nobody will disclose the process. How you want to pay for that ?
Please i cant send pms so please provide your contact. I pay with paypal.
Any1 can do it for me?

It can work like this:
When some1 share+like the photo it will show him a link.

and thats all :)
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