Faking the Moon Landing Not Technically Possible: Here's Proof

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    All you conspiracy nut-jobs take note, particularly to the last message in this video. I'd include all you "9/11 was an inside job" whackos too.

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    Calling people who believe in conspiracy theories "whackos" is counter productive.

    I believe in a countless number of things that are considered to be conspiracy theories. Wars are started over nothing but oil. The debt problem of the US is by design. The "axis of evil" described by George Bush all had one thing in common, they didn't align themselves with the world banking system. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation. Did you know for every dollar a bank takes into savings, a bank can "legally" create an additional $400 out of thin air, lending it out at 50%+ interest of original deposits?

    I've seen some commentary on the twin towers being an inside job, something along the lines of buildings collapsing at a speed that would indicate there had to be coordinated explosions for it to fall that fast and that much dust to be created. Is it true? Who knows, but the people who believe in it have good questions that need to be answered.

    I do believe this, I find it extremely odd that every person in the world is suffering immense lack of freedom just because 4 planes got hijacked on 9/11. It's been over ten years now and half the people on this board can't even take legitimate money because the entire world currency is locked down so tightly. I can't count the times I've had to have money sent to me and there was some hickup along the way. I believe that somewhere, someone designed it to be that way (for the purpose of controlling the world's currency). And I'm not a whacko.
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    It was and is possible but not true.