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Faking relevance

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by firstnamelastname, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. firstnamelastname

    firstnamelastname Regular Member

    Jun 20, 2015
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    It appears that Google cares about relevance more than ever before. I think sites that have very good backlinks but not relevant backlinks are getting outranked by sites that have kind of ok backlinks but relevant.

    Is it possible to fake relevance?

    Let's say you have this:

    Your money site sells facebook likes

    You have backlinks on a site about pizza (pizza.com/article), a site about computers (computers.com/article) and a site about coffee (coffee.com/article)

    What if you build anchor text backlinks TO THOSE?
    build 100 backlinks to pizza.com/article with the anchor texts "buy facebook likes" "buy facebook likes online" "cheap facebook likes"
    build 100 backlinks to computers.com/article with the anchor texts "buy facebook likes" "buy facebook likes online" "cheap facebook likes"
    build 100 backlinks to coffee.com/article with the anchor texts "buy facebook likes" "buy facebook likes online" "cheap facebook likes"

    Can you fake relevance this way, or how can you do it?
  2. webinsight

    webinsight Junior Member

    Dec 17, 2015
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    If you build backlinks on sites that aren't in your niche, it will not work.
  3. tb303

    tb303 Senior Member

    Dec 18, 2011
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    Those backlinks wouldnt be relevent to the page so most likely will not help.
    I think it would be better to build a page thats linked to by pizza.com that talks about a pizza place that is buying facebook likes.
    Its a stretch for those two example niches though lol
  4. BassTrackerBoats

    BassTrackerBoats Super Moderator Staff Member Moderator Jr. VIP

    Mar 10, 2010
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    That is complete misinformation.

    OP, pizza + computers + coffee niche sites have a backlink on them pointing to your facebook like site? If that is correct, that is not hard to make relevant with some minor imagination.

    Here is an example of how that works.

    Pizza site - One of the most popular pizzas ordered for delivery, according to Papa John's publicity department is the Chicago Style pizza. It has a thick crust and perhaps a bit too heavy for many people but is heavily publicized on social media sites like Facebook, where it has many Facebook likes by the people in the Chicago area.

    Although those likes seem to skew the actual popularity of the product, due to the excitement and love of the Chicago people for that kind of pizza, it does help Papa John sell more of that product.

    Papa John's has tried to push their thin crust pizza as it cost them less and they make more on the product but the popularity of the Chicago style still wins out.

    The thin crust uses approximately 23% less dough and costs only 16% less thus giving Papa John a nice 7% profit margin that can boost the bottom line of the franchisee as well as give the delivery driver a break as the pizza is also lighter.

    I could go on and on but will stop the article here.

    No domain relevance but the content ties to both FB likes and pizza and is G friendly.
  5. Ambitious12

    Ambitious12 Elite Member

    Jun 26, 2014
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    Among the Stars
    Obviously,if you build links then you go with its niche only otherwise no meaning of creation the links.
  6. florinovic

    florinovic Junior Member

    May 8, 2009
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    Good question!
    I think you can improve relevance if you can add more content on that page...like H1 and internal links with your anchor...

    Or 301 EMD ... and spam EMD....
    direct backlinks? Im not so sure these days