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    Trying to figure this all out and wanted to get some support before setting it up.

    So basically, if I have a free credit report offer that isn't supposed to be pushed via email, I have to set up a DMR on a subdomain of my main domain name and it blanks referrer and redirects to a second subdomain before faking a traffic source to the offer on my landing page?

    Email no no under AFF TOS > droppinloads(x)com/nickmanning2 > droppinloads(x)com/nickmanning1 > CPA offer found on landing page

    Is that correct? If that second subdomain is "faking" the referrer, do you just type in "google(x)com" as the source? That's where I got confused.

    And if the AFF manager questions your traffic source about your second subdomain and you say PPC, how do you go about telling them about that? "I have keywords I don't want to give out but it is by PPC." Aren't they going to think you're an assclown trying to pull one over on them if you say that? Just trying to figure this out and get all the help I can before I get myself banned on my own initiative.
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