Faking referrals...? Help!

Discussion in 'CPA' started by 420money, Apr 23, 2009.

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    First of all, thanks to everyone that belongs to this site...I have been reading so much over the past few months that my head my explode. I have been making my money from a GPT site for a while now, but I'm ready to step up my profits.

    I applied for 2 CPA networks this evening and hopefully will get into them. I have some plans on how I will promote offers and such.

    My question is, if my methods arent exactly whitehat, what are the best ways to hide this from the CPA Network? I have heard of people "faking referrals" but what does this mean exactly? What do I have to do so I won't get caught by my CPA network if I am using less than orthodox methods...like CL and such?

    Thanks in advance...I did search but I got so many results it was nearly impossibly to find a clear answer...
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    Faking the referrer means you tell your network you get your traffic from one place when you really get it from another.

    The thing with faking the referrer is that you need to make a whitehat landing page for when your AM wants to check the referrer. He checks and sees that everything is fine and leaves you alone.

    It's way better than blanking IMO because it doesn't make you look like you're trying to hide something.

    Good luck!