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Fake Referrer Blackhat style

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by saita, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. saita

    saita Newbie

    May 10, 2009
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    Hope you guys will appreciate what i've done here. i've created a website for the purpose of faking the referrer. hmm... lets just call it the referrer blog. it look like an ordinary blog on the outside infact it has blog posts by default making it look like its an ordinary blog, but on the inside its intentions are to fake referers.

    take a look.
    it is a community blog for BHW members, what this blog does is actually making the cpa manager look like it came from blogtalknow. com

    now here's how it works, lets asume that test site A is a craiglist post or any website where you can trick visitors.

    i encourage you to visit it and see for your self.

    Test Site A (this is for the victim/visitors)
    when visitors from craigslist click on the Test site A link it will redirect to
    which is the cpa offer.

    the cpa manager will wonder why your conversions are so high. he then clicks on the link where the visitors are coming from to see for him self why this is happening.

    lets assume that the cpa managers cpanel is the below link, he then clicks on the link, which will redirect him to an oveload.php page which is a trick saying "Server is facing a heavy traffic on this page please come back again later" it has a delay of 8 seconds thus making it look more legit because it has tons of traffic that it was overloaded.
    how this works:

    when clicked the link/url
    will not work on other http referer, except for
    which is where you can set it up it was designed to be clicked on one specific url which where you can set it up.

    Try to visit this link from a blank referer, or type this link into your browser, hit enter, you will only be redirected to overload.php
    but if you visit the link from this website/post
    you will be redirected to the cpa offer, thus making the referer look it came from blogtalknow blog.

    hope its clear enough, you can register and create a referrer link. if the my explanations are not very clear please let me know, i'll try to give a more clear explanation.

    hope this idea will help all of us. :D
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