Fake Facebook Profile with Growing followers? I would love some advice

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    So I set up a fake profile. The usual Hot girl big city type stuff. And Never Expected anything out of it. I logged back in two days and had some free time during work. I thought why not just post my profile pic to 4-6 Groups(A List my friend scraped with real profiles) . Over Night I gained 800+ Followers (All Dudes and almost all of them are real and active) And I'm constantly get likes and follows.

    I have never had any experience with Facebook. I have around 200ish friends But I don't want to accept all the request. I would rather keep getting followers. So That way I would have less of a chance of getting banned.

    The tricky part for me is monetizing the account. I have looked and searched and read a lot of threads. But there has been nothing recent. Most recent was last February. Is the account useless? Or could I make a little with it? I would hate for my effort to go to waste. (Maybe CPA Dating offers, or Sharecash) And for the dating offers I don't know what/how I should post it. Or Maybe and Individual message to my followers. I don't know and Am Very confused!

    Any advice is appreciated thanks BHW!
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