Fake Facebook accounts: How good are you at faking? How far do you go? I'm a f******artist

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    I take pride in what I do. Blackhat can be something of a higher art. It's like counterfeiting passports or money: either you do it right or don't do it at all.

    So, how far do you go with your fake accounts? Be it FB, LinkedIn or something else.

    Here is what I go:

    I create a whole persona. Sometimes I follow a certain person on FB to see what she/he posts, the style, the tastes, etc. Just to emulate all in another fake account (it can be real work to keep and maintain really good fake accounts that are targeted and have a very specific marketing goal).

    Go to great lengths in choosing images that are buried and not easy to find on Google images (also doing some changes). I create Photo albums for the person and fill them with hundreds of images (and lock them, because they are mostly rubbish - just to fcuk with FB filling their servers and to create a more real account - people that stop by and see that this person has hundreds of pictures uploaded believe the account is real).

    Every little detail gives a touch of originality and authenticity. The personas play games, chat, talk to "their friends" and tag photos. If the account is new, then a whole stream of updates is necessary to bury the dreaded "Joined Facebook X minutes ago" (at my early beginnings I had people ask why i only joined now - suspicious). Then I use a very cheap, anonymous SIM card (buy them in Bulk at local fairs - Vodafone, Orange, whatever is necessary) and give it a final stroke. ;)

    What have you done to make your work legit? I always like to learn and grow - perfection is never attained.