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    Hello every one i want to know and also want to share with you my experience
    i m from pakistan and student and few month ago i was watch some adds earn from home per month 20000 to 50000 from your home no need experience in computer need just internet and basic info of internet i was got some info and was not happy to listen argument from saler person after some days latter my friend buy this package and i was say to him don't buy this this is fake work just you will earn only 1st month and after that you will get huge work and which you cant done
    or if you will done then they will reject your assignment and many peoples
    then talk with me and told me this happen with us and lost huge money and i want to ask from you have any 1 earn from these sites or not but i have nopt seen any person which have earn from this type of sites and accounts and just lost money here is some sites which i want disccus with you staronlinejobs.com
    aceonline jobs
    and many other site which will says to you earn money online these are just fake they are making money from you and cant return to you if they are return to you then its means they are given you ur money back to you and this is too much bad they are making fool to the students and they have target to the students and in this way online jobs earn huge money and doing bluff that's way i m here to told all of you b aware from these type of bluffers which will waste ur money and enjoy with poor students money and poor students will cry after loss there money thats way i m telling to you dont waste ur money this thing have no shape which will help to you
    i will sujest to you use this money which you pay to them on ur any eductaion diploma like web developement desgining eductaional development and start earning from any where which have real shape thanks these are some sites here is many more site soon i will try to share with all of you these type of sites thanks will wait ur thanks if any 1 like my sharing
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    First of all Check the errors in writing before posting.
    I have also seen many fraudulent websites and banners here in india.Or they ask for some upfront payment then no one knows where they gone.
    Don't trust even 1% unless you find company location ,office address etc.
    Visit there office,call their number at night.
    If thy are not picking the phone ,there may be chances of scam.
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    I agree with you and advise others to stay away from those sites...

    anyways please use a translator :)