Fake backlinks - Get oneway links from "link partners"

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    Hey Guys.
    So I had this idea a while ago on how to fake backlinks on your page so that you could offer "link exchange" programs with other (less SEO smart) websites in your niche.

    its pretty simple you post on their blog or forum or whatever saying you have made a link to them and would like to have a link back to your site in return etc.

    They click the link, visit your page and see a great "d0follow" link pointing back to them.


    They refresh the page
    They clear the cache
    They navigate away and then back to your "useful links" page
    They check back in a few days/weeks time

    It genuinely looks like a solid 100% legit backlink, even as a good SEO and developer I would be fooled I think...:D

    I tried this out a few months ago on another page I was doing and I shit you not, the response was AMAZING.
    I got a ton of great d0follow high PR links.
    I even got a link from an SEO agency :eek: :D

    That's right, a professional SEO was duped into giving me a one way d0follow high PR link.

    The best part is the link NEVER exists and google will NEVER

    N E V E R

    see the backlink, nor will any other visitor

    Check my other posts, I always give my scripts away for free :)
    so here it is
    Faking Backlinks

    This is probably one of the most shady and most sucessful scripts I ever made. I planned to sell it but fucking PayPal Permabanned me..
    ah well, There is adsense on my blog if anyone finds any ads they find interesting :D Or post a comment on the blog would also be cool :)

    I have a plan how to make this script even more killer by making it possible to do the same thing by email.
    Check it out let me know what you think :cool:
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    the is a plugin that does this by crazyflx

    its called blackbox plugin