FailProof Backlinking Plan?!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Sugirl, Oct 18, 2010.

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    Jun 12, 2010
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    will be starting 10 new websites for relative easy keywords, Top competitors have less then ~300pretty week backlinks while ranking in first place with non-aged domains so Shouldn't been that hard with some good On-page optimization and Unique content. But My question is about the whole backlinking process.. My plan is for each of the website every day to: ||||-build 30 blogengine backlinks from Scrapebox with some mix (5-10)of nofollow wordpress backlinks with High PR ( all of them will have less then 100obl) ( 900backlinks per month) ||||-Build 30 Profile backlinks and submit each of that 30profile backlinks to 10Social bookmark sites (900backlinks per month) Obviously I wouldn't be doing it every day but would do it once per week for all the sites and then just Ping Daily the Count needed since they wouldn't be indexed instantly anyway.. Anyone can comment on this plan- is it good or not? What should be improved or done differently? Maybe anyone By doing something like this already have Got some good results?
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    A failproof BlackHat backlink plan? To get your site indexed and ranked high, or to avoid a bann? I think you want both ;) Just pick one and go get your backlinks. Make your own custom plan, test it..... if it works keep the plan for your self or sell it for big $$$$, or send it to me ;)

    My first blackhat backlink plan works like hell (i did not even know what blackhat was....), later on i found out that my old plan is good if you want a bann, no one over here for 6 years......

    Your plan looks {good|great|wonderful} <---- LOL but you never know if you not test it out. A plan is made in 1 minute, now work it out ;)