Factors to have in mind when appraising a domain

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    My question is what are the factors you need to have in mind when trying to appraise a domain?

    For example, I have a domain I would like to sell, it is a .CO. How much does an .CO Domain with exact match keyword with 91,300,000 search/month worth and what are the factors you need to have in mind in addition to the number of search queries for that keyword? Age? TLD? What else? Does the DA/PA matters?

    Estibot says it's worth $10 000. There is an interesting "related sales" on Estibot with domains from the same niche (sports) all between $9500 and $11000, but I believe my domain is even better.

    Anyone here with experience in domain appraisal? Also, any tips where to sell a .co domain? Seems everyone just care about .COM
    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Estibot is totally outdated & you should not consider it much.
    If your domain comes alone, with no history & no backlinks, you will have trouble selling it.
    Now if your domain is old, has a good backlinking profile related to the keyword, it worth money.
    If your domain comes with a website and the backlinking profile, then it worth money.

    Note that .co are hard to sell. People tend to type in .com automatically instead of .co when they remember a domain.

    To summarize:
    - New domain
    - .co
    - no backlinking profile
    = regfee.

    - old domain
    - .com
    - backlinking related profile
    = much money
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