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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Ansatsu, Jul 17, 2017.

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    So my facebook page has like 20k likes, those likes are not bought. They are from people that liked because of what I posted. Some years ago some of my posts had between 500 to 1000 likes. Since the changes in the algorithm those likes fell to half and continued to fell. Now my posts have a ridiculous 10 to 20 likes lol, but they have a reach of 3k or more, but very few likes, I don't understand. It's the same niche I share, I didn't change a bit. Sometimes I did't post for months and I have never tried to monetize my page. I don't know what going on. How do you recover your page?

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    facebook reduce reach maximum 10% for page.
    You can try facebook ads with 20 $ budget to see the difference between result
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    I am experiencing the same. I've just restarted 2 of my fan pages and the reach/like ratio on most pics are WAY worse than in the past. Same people, real fans, quality posts. The exact same posts work like magic on other pages(I compete with) in the same niche. Rarely, it's like my old reach/like ratio. I got hundreds of likes on each posts in the past, now I get around 10-40 likes. Sometimes a little bit more, rarely a lot more(once in like 40 posts). And my fan page has 12k+ followers... Imo, don't waste money on ads. They don't deserve the money. If you really want to advertise it, ask for a share from a bigger site in the same niche. Someone you can trust and has a solid follower base. Try posting regularly for 2-3 months and see if it improves. I don't know about your case, but for me, it's some kind of dumb fb change and on the top of that I think the followers stopped giving a f*ck about the site when I stopped posting regularly. I think people develop a habit to like posts on specific pages after a while, and they more probably like posts from those sites. I'm sure you know a couple of sites with mediocre content but people like those posts just because of who posted them. Anyways, don't give up! Post regularly, be active!