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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by smokes4life, Oct 7, 2008.

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    Just want to share how it is possible to generate a rush in traffic using facebook and widgets.

    First I must say that it is not original and most of it is largely used from methods learnt or tweaked from BHW.

    First set a profile sexy enuf to generate attention but not too much to get you banned. Normally if done alright you should be getting tons of friends by the 2nd week.

    Step 2, create a widget with an RSS from a blog or site you are promoting. (I must thank the person who shared this in BHW, but I couldn't find the thread again. So please let me know if anyone else finds the thread.)

    Step 3, sit back and enjoy the influx of traffic for a bit. (You can really get quite a lot of traffic thru this.)

    Step 4, monetize it with creativity. You can hit your "friends" with offers or whatever......it all depends on how much thought you put into it. :)

    Do try to change your "What you are doing" box every now and then to give the impression that you are real.

    So try it out, don't have to thank me, thank BHW. Even if you don't use this method, do realise that there are so many ways to put to use here in BHW!