facebook, ustream and skype all rolled up into one site, but better....

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    launched autumn 2011 and already active in over 140 countries, KONDOOT is for for private individuals, businesses owners, bands, celebs, webinar users, educational establishments, etc etc and in fact, does everything that facebook does including status updates & business pages, but with a more intuitive user interface (BIGGER chat windows for one thing).

    like ustream, it provides live streaming video and like skype it provides video phone calls, but is easier to use and without any need to download software.

    broadcasters have the choice of offering free access to their live (and/or stored) content broadcasts or monetising them by providing a pay-as-you-go service via paypal (currently an 80/20 split in favour of the content creator).

    having said all of this, users of KONDOOT are not required to provide the levels of personal data that facebook collect from their users, which means that the same deep levels of user profiling wont be there for advertisers to act on, but nonetheless, advertising will feature as part of kondoot's revenue forecasts.

    investors are on board. iphone app is launched. android app is launched.

    thunderbirds are go.