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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Mamacat104, Jan 29, 2015.

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    My son has a fan page with facebook... he is a singer in India... has posted pics of himself doing performances, links to youtube for his music videos and religious images that most do in India... they are all good postings.. for two of the music video links to youtube for his music video, he used the "PROMOTE POST" link that is on the page... that is the ONLY ad he did.. through the Facebook button "PROMOTE POST" he has suddenly been taken down ... unpublished and they did not give him a warning that this was going to be done, not chance to fix whatever they deemed as against their policy... my son did not intentionally post something wrong... he has tried to do an appeal and Facebook has denied his appeal.. I do not know why... Is there SOMEONE at Facebook I can contact for help? Is there something we can do to get his page back online.. whatever it is he did wrong in their eyes, just let him know and he will not do again.. but he needs a chance to redeem his page.. this is his fan page for his music.. he is an up-and-coming young singer and this page is his communication with his fans and Facebook has unfairly took this away from him... Is there anything we can do to get him back onlinethanks
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    Sorry to hear that. He should get a website first if he already does not have one. Facebook can not take his website. Start building an email list as well.

    As far as the page goes, make a new one, unless you know a direct contact at FB. Hope it all works out for you!