Facebook targeting to recruit staff - in the social/home care sector (+ Bidding method)

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    We've recently accepted a contract to drive recruitment for a business in the social/home care sector. We're successfully doing this via the job boards in addition to utlizing Adwords, and we've just started using FB ads for this purpose too.

    In relation to targeting to date, the client has specified the ideal candidate to be a mature female. So we've targeted people local to the area in question, aged between 25-55 and female. The job hours would be best suited to mums who want flexible hours to fit around their child care requirements so we've incorporated that into the ad copy.

    Effectively, other than the targeting above, I've struggled to come up with any further targeting that I can honestly say I'm confident with. Can anybody perhaps offer some advice on interests that may be suitable?

    Finally, we've opted for CPM to begin with. We're fairly experienced with driving down CPC and increasing CTR through split testing - but pondering the benefits of opting more specifly oCPM or CPC considering we are trying to drive clicks to our a landing page with a short application form.

    As you can probably tell from this post we are open to ideas and we have the budget in place to run tests. Any pointers to improve on the setup we already have would be greatly appreciated.

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