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    As you know, Facebook switched to a new mail system. E.q. now you can send mails to [email protected]. The above mentioned username will receive your mail as a message. And the best part, unlike in gmail, Facebook usernames can be scraped quite easily, because [email protected] is the email of facebook.com/username

    For example, a simple search for "jessica" will reveal you 1000 Jessicas that were indexed by Google:

    jessica site:facebook.com
    Well, you get the idea. You want a US list? Get yourself a list of last names popular in US and may the scrapebox help you. Then, extract the usernames and convert them to emails.

    As an optional step, after scraping you can use custom tools to extract the exact name of the person from the FB page, and often, if the person doesn't care about his security, some extra information.

    Write your best sales letter, personalize it, and just send a bulk in the same fashion you send to gmail/hotmail/whatever.