Facebook retargeting's impact on Amazon review blogs

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    Try this little experiment.

    Go to Amazon and look through several product listings.

    Now, go to your Facebook account and check out the right side of the page.

    What do you see?

    Unless you have FB Purify or an ad blocker installed, you'll see an Amazon ad.

    And we're not just talking about any Amazon ads but ads of the product you checked out.



    Considering the fact that a DECENT CHUNK of potential readers to any blog would be FB users too, it makes sense to put up an AMAZON review blog.

    You basically get FACEBOOK as a marketing partner for your review site. Your visitors are HOUNDED by retargeting ads from Amazon if they clicked from your Amazon review blog to Amazon.

    Here is Amazon's affiliate payment structure: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/join/compensation.html

    If you're thinking about putting up a review blog, make sure you pick a less-saturated niche.

    I'd mix it up a bit though......

    I wouldn't do the typical review site that's as boring as watching paint peel...


    I'd check out http://www.woot.com/ and see how personality-driven reviews get clicks and make money.

    Just my 2016 blogging tip post.


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    facebook does that with everyone, when a user is logged in to facebook but doesn't log out facebook tracks everything they do. As most people don't bother to log out of facebook then go on to youtube, ebay etc facebook is watching. The easiest way to stop it is not to stay logged in to facebook, i don't stay logged in so they can't track me.