Facebook Releases Free Training Resources for Marketers

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    Apr 16, 2015
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    Late last year, I started hearing rumblings that Facebook was working on a series of free training resources for marketers. Since I run a website that once derived most of my revenue from training courses, this certainly got my attention.
    While it may not have been the deciding factor for changing my business model, it was the first time I started thinking about whether producing training courses was optimal. There ultimately were many other factors that led to my decision (course shelf life, hours of work to create, revenue peaks and valleys), it put the wheels in motion.
    Well, Facebook has now started rolling out these materials, and I can tell you that they vary in quality. Some of the materials, though, are actually quite good ? especially considering the price (free).
    That doesn?t mean you don?t need a site like mine and the products I provide (that?s crazy talk). The training Facebook is rolling out remains slanted towards beginners. Honestly, I appreciate this since this is not my target audience, and quality beginner education has long been a need.
    Here?s an overview of much of what was recently rolled out, in order of usefulness.