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    I see so many threads about getting real likes all over this forum and it's becoming ridiculous, you aren't going to generate massive traffic from fake Fiverr, Youlikehits or Addmefast likes, it just add numbers to your page that's it.
    I will show you the only reason i use exchange sites

    The only way is to make accounts yourself, simple as. Here is how to make high quality accounts to gain friends and use them to share your pages to.

    1. Starting off

    Make fake accounts, either buy PVA or order sim cards In the UK you can get 8 for free, every month from network providers.
    If you have family or friends who don't mind send the sims there, more houses= more sims= more profiles.

    2. Profile pics

    Get pictures from dating sites or where ever else you can find them 10+ of the same girl per account, make sure they aren't professional model pics they just look fake!

    3A. Making the profiles
    Update all of the profile (yes everything) Job, city, favourite movie likes, book likes, sport team likes ETC until the profile looks real.

    3B. Looking legit

    Get a group of 100+ pictures of bags, make up, clothes,food, tourism ETC. make sure they are taken with a phone camera not copied off a site but are decent quality.
    We want to make out that we have taken the pictures ourselves, we will upload these 5-6 pics on a weekly basis to make us look real.
    Just think most girly girls on Facebook have 200+ mobile uploads not just a couple of slutty pics as there profile pics.

    4. Finding Friends

    This is the part where you get friends, we are going to search for pages where people add each other (NO i'm not going to give you a list) I suggest ten per account and all my pages i use have at least 50,000 likes and 200+ likes per status update.

    Make sure you turn on "following" on your profile men will follow anything with a bit skirt.

    You want to go to the latest posts and comment in them either relevant to the post or just "ADD ME xx", also like peoples comments.

    On average with Ten comments one on each page i get around 35-55 request.

    Rinse and repeat this everyday, eventually you will get 35-55 a day without doing anything, when i get to around 1,500 friends they come rolling in automatically and i just leave it to run it's course accepting everyday.

    5. Adding the right people

    You should see requests rolling in but don't add everyone you want to make sure.

    1.They are real. Do this by looking at there pictures, profile and status update (Alot of account are just pervs adding girls to look at pics. sad I know)
    The biggest giveaway is their friend list, if it's small and all girls they are probably fake.

    2. They like and comment on other peoples statuses. (you can add them and if they are just pervs, just un-add them)

    3. Friends. Make sure they have a few hundred, WHY? Because if they share your stuff that shows in their friends news-feed = more exposure.

    4. Comment and like some of there status's, comment will get you more friends requests.

    6. Getting Followers

    Alot of these will come naturally but the way you get more is by updating your statuses.

    we are going back to step 3 and using pics and phrases we have saved in a notepad file.
    If you have 300+ friends you can start this just update your status with what ever you want people will share and either add you or follow.

    Hitting 5000 friends is where the followers come in people will share your statuses then there friends will be like " oh no i can't add" i'll just follow her instead.

    and BOOM you could end up with 5000 friends and 3000+ followers x 10 account= 80,000 real people.

    7. Followers to other sites

    Make accounts on other sites with the same name and use step 2,3a,3b then you are ready to start.
    This is simple just add your twitter and pinterest ETC to your tabs like you would in a page and put them in your profile information.
    Using step 6 we put in the status at the end "follow me on twitter ETC ETC".

    You have made a friend/follower link wheel use these to drive traffic or sell twitter post.
    7. Getting Traffic

    This is where youlikehits, socialmediaexplode and Addmefast come into play.

    We are simple going to share our fanpage statuses with our accounts (make a fanpage lol)

    But before sharing with your accounts use the exchange sites above to share,like and comment the statuses first do this on twitter accounts and other linked accounts which are the same as your fanpage, WHY?

    Simple really, Lets say i share/like and comment a status 250 times with exchange sites then use my facebook accounts to share them afterwards, what will people think? "Oh 280 shares 1000 likes and 70 comments, i will have a look".

    Rather than 33 shares 33 likes and 33 comments which one looks better to you?


    5000 friends? for me it takes just over a month because i know where to get everything and i have all of it set up.

    Best way to Start? Get all of your pictures assigned to a name in a folder and find a list of fanpages.
    Also your status comment phrases.

    That's it really there are some twists to this but i'm not giving them away LOL.

    Hope this helps, Martinmerl
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