Facebook plan to get targeted college students (Thought, not a method)

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    So the other i was thinking of making a Facebook fan page (targeting college students). I was thinking to my self "how will i get people to like my fan page" and then it came to me. This could possible work for other niche you just have to think

    MAIN IDEA: Make a profile get college friend . share your fan page to your Facebook wait and see that the your new added friends will like it and their friends and their friends and so on.

    STEP ONE : Making the profile

    Make a Facebook account. Make it look as real as possible, add a couple of pictures to make your profile look real and add as many details to it as possible for example; College : NC state . Job: cashier at Starbucks , Age : 22 . Its very important to add the college (any college is fine) its important to do this because then Facebook will start suggesting friends and it makes the process so much easier.
    OK so now you have profile, luckily Facebook will suggest at least one friend add him/her and keep adding people (make sure that they are friends or are mutual friends and so on keep adding.

    Keep reading, this is the part of getting the fans and likes all the good stuff

    Final Step: Share to your new college friends

    alright so now you have your profile and your adding friends and people are adding you. after you have a considerable amount of friends lets say 200 you make your fan page and target college stuff for example make one about parties or drinking or drinking games , get creative this is your fan page. now that you made the page and made it look neat and the content is funny share to your New college friends put it in your news feed.
    people are gana relate to your post because they are in college and your post is about things that happen in college an example would be a meme about a guy taking shots with his buddies or something again think like a college student. well now that you have shared your fan page to your "friends" you will start to get some likes and shares and then the process begins their friends are gana like it and their friends are gana like it and so on. now that you have loads of fans you can start sharing your cpa or affiliate link related to college students im sure theres a ton out there just look for it
    HERE IS MY PROFILE : This should give you a better idea
    I thought of this idea :D

    This idea is not fully developed , it would be awesome if you guys could add to the idea . Im trying this little plan and see how it works out for me.
    Please be easy on me :p im just trying to contribute .
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    I would add to this by syndicating RSS feeds of College related websites through a wordpress installation to build pages for a sitemap in Google Webmaster.

    Get over 2 million sites automating college related content from the internet, to your site, push to social networks.

    Extracting traffic from Facebook is what you want to work for so building a hub for it would be wise.