Facebook Pages

Transfer admin rights to the buyer or put it in BM and give it to the customer
There are agents you can find on the web or in groups on Facebook, the prices are very cheap
Of course you can. Many sellers offer pages, you just need to give your profile and they add it to the pages and log out to give you full control
Its possible cz whenever they sell a page, they have to be sell that account also, otherwise how can u operate the page...yah there are another alternative way to do this i know
Yes, many of my friends have bought a old page which has been banned once and got revived. Those pages are really strong. All you need to do is find a good supplier or agency providing those
It's simple, but you need to find a reputable person to buy from to avoid being scammed. They will share administrative rights with you
Bro are u sure about this? I want to get clear idea about this!
I can't see anything more clearly. You just need to buy a page, the page owner shares it with you as an admin with full control and they can log out of the page or you can delete them
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