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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by lee_s, Apr 21, 2014.

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    I have never bought any fake likes for my page, however I did a Facebook ads campaign targeted worldwide (which I think destroyed my page). Now, literally only 2% of my page see my post, bearing in mind 50% of the people that like this page are really targeted and engage a lot on Twitter and Soundcloud etc. (I am a musician). Is there a way to sort this problem out, as even when I post image posts which go viral on other pages, my normal account and Twitter, I am getting no reach at all and I really think it is something to do with all of the ridiculous likes a got via Facebook ads.

    It would be highly appreciated if anybody could help this situation.
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    Actually Facebook is being very strict these days, Its not because you got likes from Facebook ads. Its with everyone these days, we all are facing this problem. I myself getting Less than 1% on my 1.1M page. Just dont use those "Like this pic" "Share this pic" kind of posts, those will just end up your page post being not showing up in News Feed.

    For more clear info you can read this article on techcrunch, you will come to know what i am talking about

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    The new fb algorithms are extremely disheartening for those of us with large pages. I have personally found that the majority of my pages have been rendered useless as far as income is concerned.

    I'm hoping that they experience enough negative feedback from the larger corporation to lift the recent changes. I don't anticipate this actually happening, but something has to change or we have to figure out the best way to adapt.

    Good luck.