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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by nejxis, May 14, 2016.

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    Sep 8, 2015
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    In terms of engagement to earn money, which is best a page with 100k real likes or 100k real followers when it comes to engagement?
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    I have tried both of them, and I got success with pages.

    1. Yes, people are crazy to add sexy girls on Facebook, and you will get more friend request, but only few of them will click on your Affiliate or CPA link. Because if you want to chat with them, then you can also do with Facebook chat, so most of times people will ignore your links.

    2. If you enable followers comment then you should note that, you have to filter some comments, otherwise your profile will look like fake and Facebook will ban you shortly.

    3. Most of times, people reports profiles more compare to pages.

    4. As per my think, people will not going to think for any second to like some booty pages, while in profile, may be they will check all the thing.

    5. If you have enable comments, then you should note that, those guys who have comment in your photos, will get notification when other people do comments in your photos, and by irritating that kind of notification, may be they will stop following your profile or block you.
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    I think profiles gets me more success. i have more then 100+pages but i get more traffic with ids\accounts then pages.
    i also have 1 question. Some one is selling me an account with 5k friends and 10k followers what do you think its worth?
    somebody is selling me at 20$
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    Profile has more engagement than pages but pages grow fast than profile.