Facebook Page - Funny Images, ideas on how to monetize

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    I work in IT and as such 8hrs of my day is usually spent on Facebook trolling funny photos. For about a year now I have been sharing funny photos on my personal page, it's become quite a habbit and I enjoy doing it. I have ~800 friends that always see my posts and they always comment about the funny stuff I post.

    So I created a Facebook page and started sharing the photos here instead. Yes it's probably been overdone but i'm going to share the images anyway so why not on a page instead where I can get a bunch more followers. I'm currently up to about 4000 users and I post about 10 times a day.

    Just trying to look at some ways to monetize now, whether it works or not doesn't bother me but I have already been able to make $100 in 2 days by posting eBay links to buy 2000 Facebook likes. I listed at $24.95 each and bought the service on Fiverr for $5.

    I was thinking CB or similiar affilate programs but not sure how often I should post products let alone what products to think about as I'm not directed at a particular niche. I was thinking of using Facebook ADs but not sure how to approach this.

    Just after any ideas that people may wish to share. Hell you can just post and tell me it's going to crash and burn if you like, I kinda thought that may be the case but figured it was worth trying anyway seeing as I share so much stuff.

    Peace guys