Facebook now allows you to highlight posts for money. New playing field.

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    Oct 19, 2012
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    Here's the news: Facebook just implemented a feature which lets you pay money in order to get you posts on top of your friends wall. Source is that is just asked me whether I wanted to.

    I speculate that this Feature will bring both benefits and downsides to you facebook advertusing.

    The benefit
    i suspect as long as this is new, you can pretty much run amuck on it, just like when infomercials were new, or Google Adwords, just on a smaller scale. You are basically able to throw you sales blurb into top advertising real estate for mere dollars. If you pull it off properly, this can be HUGE.
    TL;DR: Cheap new advertising real estate as long as its fresh.

    The drawback
    This is entirely an assumption by me, and you are free to vocally disagree with me on this, but I think facebook is watering up the turf. I use facebook for 2 private reasons, one being the newsfeed, the other being the chat, both for keeping in touch with friends. Now facebook is plastering advertising over the former, and I can allready feel how that might disturb me. I expect site usage time on facebook to go down, along with a slight dent in users and I expect the usage of this central advertising avenue to draw prospects from you ads on the site.
    TL;DR: Lower CTR and click throughs on regular facebook advertising.

    I'm not a big shot on facebook advertising though, so I'm inviting you to discuss how you think this will affect your facebook advertising.