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Discussion in 'CPA' started by gpgip, Jun 29, 2010.

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    just curious if any would could help me, i have a facebook fan site of a certain nba player just hit over 10k fans, does anyone know which kind of CPA offer i could monetize this with? any suggestions i thank you in advance:)
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    I would would think about what theses fans would want (content, contest, etc) rather than what type of CPA offer. They will fill in their name and/or email if you provide them the right incentive on the other side.

    1.) Click here and enter you email address
    2.) Get [whatever your incentive is]

    incentive could be:

    * Player's email address
    * Contest to win... game tickets, autographed [whatever], etc
    * Blooper video
    * You get the idea

    Put something on the other side then the offer isn't as important. Test different content and see what they want the most. Then scale the CPA offer to higher payouts and see if they care what they are signing up for.

    If you can get them to sign up for a $3 offer as easily as a $1 offer just to get the content on the other sidethen you've tripled your profit no more work.

    No one likes the "you've got to TEST" answer but that's the way you hit it out of the park while others are sitting on the bench waiting for their mom to show up and wipe their a** for them.

    Get off the bench.

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