Facebook: My personal ad account and businesses are banned. But I want to run ads for friend business. Can he add me as admin and not get banned?

Anne Hemingway

Junior Member
Feb 17, 2023
Hello - so the thing is that all my personal ad accounts are banned for long time already. For really don't even remember what reasons. Probably I used some trademarked stuff to advertise (like tv series videos or something)


Now I need to run ads for friend business.

His account is in good standing, and I already set up ad accounts using his personal computer.

But the thing is now I want to manage it remotely with out him. I need to be added as admin to his ad account.

Do you think this can link and ban his account? Even if business is legit?
It's possible to use anti detect Browser & import cookie too. Some antidetect browsers got team functions to share profile in live time.
Try these steps : ( clean your pc )
1- if you are using chrome, delete History, Cashe and Cookies
2- press Win+R, Then type %temp% and hit enter
3- delete all files in this folder
4- open CMD as adminstrator
5- type " ipconfig/release " press enter and wait till complete
6- type " ipconfig/renew " enter and wait till end
7- type " ipconfig/flushdns " enter

it is better to restart your router

you are ready now to use another ad account without any problem
You should not use a business account at this time. You should look for agents that offer individual accounts
you can try to use a fingerprint browser
there are some free like incogniton browser
I'm using Adspower, a bit high but it really work
you can buy an ad account and then run your friends ads on there. I think it's safe.
You should use VPS to work remotely
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