Facebook Might Force Us To Watch Ads In The Near Future

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    It?s already decided, you will see Facebook video ads on your feed somewhere in the middle of this year. It was in mid-December last year that rumors came out about Facebook working on a new product that should be released, latest by April and will allow marketer to target users with video ads right on their news feed, whether they are using a desktop or a mobile device. The early report was published by AdAge and according to it, the video ads will not play for more than 15 seconds but it will start automatically in the news feed. It seems that the social network was testing a video product which had reached its beta stage and it was intended for the first half of this year. This week, with the announcement of the redesign of its news feed page, Facebook took a big step that will pave the way for the video ads. One can see that the emphasis on the new design is on visual content. If you are one of those who already feel uncomfortable with the idea that Facebook is now taking a step further to make you watch ads, you are probably not the only one. Clark Fredricksen, an analyst with eMarketer, said Facebook is very much aware of how they can possibly turn off users and that may have an effect on the rate at which the website is growing. So they are quite cautious about the way they roll out products that could generate revenues. According to him we might see something similar in this case. The truth is Facebook is almost there with the introduction of promoted posts. Some companies do pay to make sure that their video posts reach the maximum number of users. Those videos may not play automatically or pop-up like some of those websites you sometimes come across but nonetheless, they are promoted videos. one advertising company that works as a partner to Facebook, now helps brands improve on their video experience by adding features to the videos that are sponsored. it was reported by AdWeek that Facebook is now managing a team of 150 employees, whose job is to build video tools that will enable users and businesses to easily deliver videos on the site and possibly place preroll ads on those videos. If that is the case then Facebook would have followed Youtube?s step for video ad delivery. The Facebook Ad executive said in a media conference last month that Facebook is aware of the fact that there are limits to what users can tolerate. He said what the company is trying to do now is to find the intersection between what users will love and brands could love. He added that Facebook is unlikely to allow online marketers to take over their homepage. For those marketing on Facebook, they think that with the new redesign, users should be able to tolerate the various types of video ads. the video will nicely scroll without being too intrusive. With the extra sub feed category that the social network added, users will have more control over the type of content in the video ad. They will also have an influence on when the video should show. For example by clicking on the ?Following? feed, users know in advance that they are going to see feed from their brands and that includes promoted videos. But when those same users click on the ?Game? feed, they are already showing that they might be interested in videos related to games.
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    They cant put videos that are automatically playing inside the feed
    and one can already promote a video post or whatever he want to promote with promoted posts feature
    I see nothing new in there