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Facebook Method (How to Bypass the Verification Crap when posting link)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by drei29, Oct 16, 2014.

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    Sep 29, 2013
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    I know it's very annoying when that verification message appears when you just post your link for just several times. This method will bypass or there will be no verification message at all and also applicable on all niches you just need to be creative. This also works even if your domain is already blacklisted on Facebook.

    Some people are spamming links on pages but in my experience it's more effective posting on groups.
    So first you need to join a group or if you prefer posting it on fan pages it's up to you.

    Once your on a group or page write some random words or anything with no links first. See screenshot below.
    Btw, I will use group post for my example and one of my old niche.


    Then Click Post.
    and your message will appear on the group.


    Once your message has been posted just edit the post. See screenshot.


    Edit your post and put your script and link.


    Just click Done Editing and you will never encounter any verification message when doing this.


    Now go spam and multiply your earnings.

    Tips to avoid getting ban for joining groups:
    • Don't hit the join button like a lunatic.
    • Join 3 groups every 5 mins. (I'm currently following this time frame and i never experience a warning from FB)
    • The same goes for posting and editing your message 3 post every 5 mins.

    This method can target specific country as well. search your niche+country. (Dragon City France) I know everyone love pin submits from France.
    This is not just for CPA/PPD you can post your product links as well, just be creative and I know you will figure something out.

    This is my first time sharing on BHW. I hope it will help you on your journey making money online. Good luck!

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