Facebook mass ban with dynamic IP? Is the Login or the Creation IP that counts? Both?

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    Well, i've made a lot of searches for that matter, and i've learned a lot of stuff, I had Zero knowledge about anything in this forum just about 2 weeks ago, but couldn't find answers for some of my questions, so here we go.

    I'm planning on creating 15 facebook accounts, all verified with unique phone numbers, emails and IP (Dynamic IP here)
    I will clean/block cookies and cache between creation/login (throught browser, ccleaner, extensions, including "zombie-cookies", flash cookies), taking some measures to prevent some browser fingerprint and mac address tracking (User agent, canvas blockers and other things.. java[not javascript!] and flash disabled), using firefox in private mode.

    1. In that scenario, if i create them with different IP, but login with all of them in the same IP, and one of the accounts get banned, all of the others account will get banned too? the logged IP link the accounts? Consider that when i say same IP, it's per day, all 15 accounts will be logged within the same IP one day, the next day will be a different IP, but also shared between all 15 accounts, and it goes on...

    2. I've read and learned that mass ban happens only to accounts created in a short period of time with the same IP or different IP with something linking the accounts (cookies, same phone numbers etc...)
    If not for that, even if you use the same IP to create accounts, when one account gets banned, it doesnt ban the other accounts, and that doesnt matter if the IP you use is the same or not to login, BUT that was for twitter and youtube accounts (and im not 100% sure about it honestly), but what about facebook?

    Oh, im going to use these accounts to use on addmefast, and some other minor stuff, actually I'm planning on making 15 fakes, each one with a lot of different social plataform accounts, including facebook, and will use on addmefast just for 30 min or so, in each account, throught almost all tasks that addmefast has to get points, for 30 min it resumes in 4-5 actions from all those tasks they have there (likes, subscribe, follow, retweet, repins etc...)

    Answers, corrections and tips are very welcome. Thanks!
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