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Facebook Login & Facebook Share to Friend

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by baokydev, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Mar 11, 2014
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    Facebook Login & Facebook Share to Friend

    I need some developer who got experience of my scenario.

    I currently got a cms that I build myself.

    I want to integrate the following

    User must have a facebook account to login, and after their facebook account logged in at my website(probably a facebook app), I will store their facebook userid and got permission for their information, such as name etc.

    Then they will register using my default register page, their facebook id will be store at my database etc.

    The next thing is, after they signup account at my website.

    I need to have a facebook share kind of system, where they will able to share about my website using facebook, if they send the share to 10 friends, my system will be able to calculate and then in database I will have a field "share_to_friends" , default is no, if they did the share, I need to change the value to yes

    In simple

    A Facebook Login with the facebook id store at my database
    With knowing the facebook id, the app probably need a publish stream where user can publish their affiliate link to my website, if they do publish to at least 10 friends, my system need able know it regardlessly their friend click the link or not.

    They must be able to publish to as many friend as they like whenever they click the " Tell my friends about this !".

    Let me know how long, and how much to do this.
    I already build my facebook app, if nobody keen to do I will do myself, I just wanna get things done fast.

    I prefer deal with people who can finish work in a few hours time.

    Payment Paypal