Facebook JV - Earn $10k a day with my methods. Only serious ppl with big traffic.

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    Hey does anybody here have lots of fb traffic. My and my buddy coder, we have fb apps and very extream viral codes.. Since we have time on our hands after some huge automation we opened few spots for new jv partners who would like to work with us on a longterm basisc with cpa. We provide everything: hosting, domains, apps/scripts and you just need to provide fb traffic and content locking code from cpa networks we tell to apply to.

    some details:
    Basicly we have hosing domains and extreamly viral fb apps and scritps which we use to earn $10k a day with our other jvs we have. We automated most of the things se we're looking to expand even more with our earnings. In that cas we look for ppl with thraffic. We do our jv like this. You apply to networks we give you the links and you will be approved very fast. After that in those networks you will need to apply for content locker code.. it will take you probably 1 min max to do it. After that you give us your content locker id (this we you will be able to receive earning straight to your cpa account.
    After that we prepare very viral campaign... after that we give you the link to post on your fan pages and the earnings are splited in 33%/33%/33% way. 1 for you for traffic, 1 for me for hosting domains pva and tools and 1 for my buddy coder for the all whole coding and managment and 1 for you for the traffic. Thast how we do with our every jv we have.

    We spind the display of 3 content lockers so that way everybody earns the same amount of cash and we avoid fees on money transfers since you get you share straight to your cpa accounts.

    If interested contact me on skype: dzastin2121 and in skype message write: bhw jv