Facebook is a goldmine right now...but I'm failing myself for finding a spin.

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    Nov 29, 2014
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    Anyone who uses Facebook and is interested in IM should have taken note of the new Facebook group features...but I have not yet seen any posts about it here.
    Maybe it is reserved for jr vip?

    What i'm talking about is the "for sale" groups. "[LOCAL-AREA] Yardsale" type groups.

    Facebook made it super easy to list items, set prices and all that.

    The only thing i'm lacking is a reliable way to get products. Most of the people want to meet up and purchase, and not have to wait on shipping times.
    So there will likely be some investment.

    Idk, 1am ramblings of my mind while I wait for some shit to install on my PC.

    In other news I hit my very first $100 day of passive income. It was a one-off and isn't likely to repeat for a while, but i'm getting closer.