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    I'd like to know more about their IPO scenario, as well as know if Facebook will be able to branch out into other markets indedendent of their social media platform. Their brand doesn't sound much like an umbrella brand covering multiple devisions. Todate we've known them as really a singular service. They also haven't been the fastest on innovation (There is still no edit button for status updates).

    I wonder what their plans will become to justify their public offering (payoff stock holders). Or is it going public to spread the wealth by absorbing a private company into a public company?

    By my eyes, IPOs are executed when there is need to invest in greater schemes, and people buy in hoping to be part of the great returns on investment.

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    The question is how many real facebook users are there that are also active? I personally have about 10 facebook accounts. Facebook real value is probably closer to $15 billion then $100 billion. They(new tech companies) are all riding the "If I invested in $1,000 in Mircosoft in 1987, Ill have $300,000 now" attitude people have.

    Also with the real facebook users there are alot that under the age of 18 and alot that even under 13,that will lie about their age and say they are 17-18 years old,and make up alot of stuff about themselves.
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    I would not buy into the Facebook IPO at first, look at how short coming the Zynga and RenRen IPO's were. I would imagine the Facebook IPO will open strong and drop like a rock for 2 - 3 days before stabalizing. I'd even go so far as to place put options on it, or wait a few days to buy the dimishned value stock.
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    none of ur fr#$%ing biz dude!!!
    I plan on buying between 6K-10K of shares when they go out. And resell all of it in a matter of 48-72 hours.
    This has the potential to double and even triple in no time. Then it will settle down probably.