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Facebook Friend Farming Business Plan.

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by ytr191, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. ytr191

    ytr191 Regular Member

    Feb 28, 2013
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    Facebook Friend Farming Business Plan

    I believe you should always take a strong approach to any business. This is clearly a way to make money thus this is a business.

    What I plan to achieve with this business plan is give BHW members a comprehensive business plan to go by for fake facebook accounts.

    Business Model:
    In order to make money online in general you need traffic.

    To achieve traffic on facebook you need to have friends.

    - Create A Female Persona on Facebook (Preferably a hot girl.)
    - Fill out the profile and try to make yourself look legit
    Here are a few ways you can do this.
    • Like a few pages
    • Fill out all of your personal information
    • Make a few status updates
    - Now join as many "add me groups" as you can
    Possibly try joining some groups from top paying countries.
    - If they have a email collect it, when you email the group what you email is posted on the group wall.

    Now things should be going smoothly, with in the day you should at least be able to collect 150 friends.

    Now its time for the hard part.

    The Facebook Verification System.
    July 18, 2013
    Update: Today I made a facebook account and confirmed requests for up to 184 friends.
    I haven't had to verify my identity yet(Although I didn't send any friend requests). I will keep you all informed.
    Update 2: I didn't confirm a few requests for a while, then the facebook verification system demanded that I verify who I say I am. I believe the people I asked to add me reported me when I stopped accepting requests and replying to people.

    Most likely you probably don't know all of those people you just added. This is how facebook stops people from running fake accounts.

    Although there is a way around this.

    Step one: Photo Verification

    (If Multiple Choice)
    Method 1:
    1. Search each name in your email account associated with the facebook account.

    Method 2:
    1. Image Search the images in google

    Method 3:
    1. Write Down the name of every friend you add and collect an image of them.

    (If you have a better method please share it)

    Note: A bot could be made for this! Bot developers here's a chance to make some money.

    Step two: Phone Verification

    Method 1:
    1. Use a spare cellular device

    Method 2:
    1. Buy A Prepaid phone for each of your fake accounts

    Method 3:
    1. Use a disposable sim card.

    Finally you are out of the facebook verification system! They now believe you are a real person! (Or slightly :rolleyes:)

    - Limit Yourself to accepting only 100 new friend requests daily
    - Try to stay under the radar of facebook staff

    Now that you have power over facebook you can finally use it to your advantage to promote your CPA offers, Facebook pages!

    Facebook is a powerful tool that can make men rich when fully honed and tamed!

    Note: I plan on updating this business plan on a daily to weekly basis. Check back for things that could help you with your new business.

    To conclude, this plan I would just like to say when life gives you lemons don't make lemonade. GET ANGRY! MAKE LIFE RULE THE DAY IT DECIDED TO GIVE YOU LEMONS!

    I think Cave Johnson said this better though.
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  2. Rounderx

    Rounderx Regular Member

    Oct 4, 2011
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    there's one thing i learned a few months ago, and it's this, hot girl accounts are very easily detected and many people do report them, so what i did when someone hired me to to a anti-political party facebook fanpage was this, created new profile, disposable sim card, photoshop school id so acc can be created as real (user any pic and add to the acc and the profile), then the key to all was the profile picture, i used the logo to a particular political party, and i added all of the people who were comenting/liking the candidate official fanpage, and guess what? 95% of the people accepted my request :D i created a male acc and i female acc like this, so when photo veryificacion mas in order, i used the other acc to find the people on the pics, as they were a lot of the same people who accepted me on both acc so within 1 week 1,000 friends on each acc all with persons interested on politics :p after all activity for the page was easy, posted somethng on the page, share on the profiles, then i created couple more profiles and the thing started rolling smooth wthin a month :D
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  3. Brendo

    Brendo Regular Member

    Aug 20, 2012
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    Nice plan but add me groups usually are full of fake profiles. Try to target some groups with members from top-paying countries.
  4. Syrus Enriquez

    Syrus Enriquez Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jan 9, 2017
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    This trick won't work anymore guys. The ball game has change and we need to adapt to it, FAST!