Facebook FINALLY Releases They’re Own Bulk Upload Tool

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    oh Please :D
    Good news for folks around here who's doing FB paid ads...

    The Power Editor from Facebook is, lets face it, way behind its time. But its here now, and it gives us all just another way to upload ads to Facebook.

    You can test the tool out here. Unfortunately, its only usable with Google Chrome, so those using Firefox or other browsers will have to make the switch. You will also need to change some privacy settings in your Account Settings to use a secure connection with Facebook (https://). That can cause issues with outside ad uploaders supported by the Facebook Ads API, so be aware that you may have to switch back if you use anything else to upload ads.

    I like this tool as it can make uploading ads very simple by using Excel. That?s pretty powerful. To get a template, just export one of your current campaigns, delete the data and fill it in with your own ads. Each ad goes on its own line. Leave the campaign name column blank to insert the ads into a new campaign. This brings up one issue though, not being able to submit multiple ads to multiple campaigns. So you will have to break up your ad uploading to do this.

    Another neat feature is the storage of all your ad images. You can select those images in the platform and directly create new ads without having to upload them again.

    The tool also handles bidding changes a little better than the standard ad platform. Now you can update all your ads in one campaign without running into limitations and oddities you may have hit upon before.

    It also brings back the return of the impression column. Frequency was a great addition to the original ad platform, but having to multiply frequency * reach to figure out my overall impressions made me feel like Facebook was just trying to troll me.

    So, overall its a welcome addition to those that want a free ad uploader, but by no means is it a game changer. There are affordable, fantastic ad uploaders that just know how to do it better. You can check out the Power Editor by finding the link on the left sidebar of your Facebook Ads Manager page.

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