FACEBOOK FANPAGE - How to monetize Bruno Mars fans ???


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Dec 5, 2010

i have started an experiment some months ago
i have built a Bruno Mars fanpage...
started advertising and got 3k fans with fb advertising.

now i do not know how to monetize them...

i already send cj music offer... free 10$ credit... 250 clicks no conversion.
and an Bruno Mars Biography from Amazon... nothing^^

any idea what to advertise ?
Think outside the box bro. Grab an embarrassing pic of him and content lock it and send the link on your page.
most of them are us targeted. a few of them from india as the cpc is cheaper there. i only spent the fb coupon to get that fans. 4 months ago or so i spent that amount ... since than around 300 fans are viral
Amazon.com - DVD's of Borat or Ali G (2 of his other alter ego's)


I had

Mistaken for
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